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7 Common Black Friday Shopping Injuries – And How to Avoid Them

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Black Friday, the year’s biggest shopping day, takes its name from the idea that sales help retailers get “in the black” before year’s end. However, due largely to many shoppers’ thoughtless behavior, the “black” in Black Friday could signify the stain it leaves on the holidays of those who suffer injury while shopping for deals.

Black Friday Injuries

Here’s a short list of some of the injuries reported on Black Friday in recent years:

  • Trampling. Crazed shoppers have crashed through doors, destroyed gates, and trampled store employees or other shoppers in the mad rush to get a deal.
  • Fights. Black Friday shoppers will frequently get into fist fights with each other over the last must-have item left on the shelf.
  • Stabbing. Shocking as it may seem, some shoppers arm themselves with knives for their Black Friday shopping, ready to defend their coveted bargain at all costs – or knife someone else who “stole” the deal they had their eye on.
  • Shooting. Like stabbing, shoppers have been shot in disputes over Black Friday deals.
  • Beating. Whether they were trampled or beaten up in a fight, many shoppers report injuries from beatings on Black Friday.
  • Car Crashes. Exhaustion after long shopping hours can lead to accidents for both shoppers and retail employees.
  • Pepper Spray. Police – and civilians – have employed pepper spray to keep crowds’ unruly behavior under control.

How to Shop Safely

If you plan to shop on Black Friday, use common sense. No deal is worth your health or safety – or your life. If a crowd seems to be getting unruly, leave. Better yet, try shopping online during the newest – and safer – holiday shopping trend: Cyber Monday.

For more information on what to be alert for on Black Friday, see our post about defective toys.

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