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Parents of Broad Run High School Sexual Assault Victim React to Special Grand Jury Report on the Investigation of Loudoun County Public Schools

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Patrick M. Regan, President & Senior Partner at Regan Zambri Long, issues a statement on behalf of his client and sexual assault victim at Broad Run High School in Virginia.

“In response to the findings of the Grand Jury report of Loudoun County Public Schools last week, the parents of my client have requested that I issue the following statement on their behalf in regard to the sexual assault of their minor daughter at the Broad Run High School in Loudoun County on October 6, 2021,” said Regan.

Statement below is from and should be attributed to the Broad Run High School Sexual Assault Victim’s Parents:
“First and foremost, we have remained out of the media to protect the identity, mental health, and wellbeing of our daughter and family. With the release of the Grand Jury report, the public now knows what we have suspected since the start of this tragic event – that what happened to her on October 6, 2021 could have and should have been prevented. Multiple red flags during the time period of May 12, 2021 to October 6, 2021 were raised and ignored, including the 12-page disciplinary record for the assailant that was also mentioned in the report.

One thing we feel is important to note is that over the last 14 months since our daughter was assaulted, not one member of the school board, LCPS administration, or even our local high school leadership has reached out to check on how she is doing, lend any type of support or even apologize for what we are going through as a family. That alone speaks volumes to what we have endured throughout this ordeal.

The senior leaders at both high schools, along with the Loudoun County Public Schools and the School Board members, should be reminded that our fifteen-year-old daughter displayed more courage and leadership when she reported what happened to her to the Sheriff’s Resource Officer than any of them ever did. The ineptitude of all involved is staggering.

The direction taken recently to change the culture of LCPS is only the start. More needs to happen before healing can begin and the system can be trusted again. Parents need to feel that they can send their kids to a safe learning environment. This County has great residents and we need our elected and public servants to represent and show that greatness as well.”

Mr. Regan says in closing, “My client is a minor and a victim of sexual assault. The victim’s family and I have vowed to work tirelessly toward getting justice for their daughter.”

Any media requests should be directed to the family’s attorney Patrick Regan.

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