ClickCease Common Halloween Costume Hazards — And How to Prevent Them
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Preventing Halloween Costume-Related Injuries

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When you picture top Halloween safety issues, you probably imagine drunk drivers or laced candy. In reality, however, the very costumes your children wear while trick-or-treating may pose the greatest risk of all. The following are among the most dangerous costumes worth avoiding this year:

Floor-Length Outfits

Costumes that drag behind kids can serve as a major tripping hazard. Yes, it’s annoying to hem up ill-fitting outfits, but it’s far worse to see your children trip and fall.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Older children or teens may beg for cosmetic lenses that turn their eyes spooky colors. Like any contacts, however, these are, first and foremost, medical devices. They should not be purchased without guidance from a trusted ophthalmologist or other health care professional. Those who wear contacts without proper medical feedback risk infection, vision damage, and a whole host of other alarming issues.

Flammable Costumes

Many Halloween parties involve bonfires, which can prove risky depending on the costumes worn in their vicinity. Unfortunately, many Halloween costumes are highly flammable. Materials such as polyurethane foam can quickly accelerate flames. When in doubt, stick with safer options such as nylon or polyester.

Costumes Containing Lead

Lead-containing costumes are far from uncommon. Entire shipments have been destroyed due to alarmingly high levels of lead in these costumes’ plastic elements. When in doubt, check the Consumer Product Safety Center for information on items recalled due to lead contamination.

Safety is of paramount importance during Halloween and other annual traditions. Don’t hesitate to speak up if you or your loved ones are harmed by negligent individuals or businesses.

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