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Halloween Tips and Tricks for Parents of Toddlers: How to Handle First-Time Trick-Or-Treating

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For decades, trick-or-treating has been a Halloween rite of passage. Kids love the costumes and the candy, but parents? Not necessarily. For parents of toddlers (especially first-time trick-or-treaters), this holiday is little more than a source of stress. From scary houses to excessive sugar, a lot can go wrong. Follow these simple steps to ensure more treats than tricks:

Avoid Elaborate Costumes

Preteens love to go all out with crazy costumes, but with toddlers, simple is always best. When in doubt, avoid fancy headpieces or other elaborate accessories. Most toddlers struggle with masks, so opt for nontoxic face paint instead.

Leave Early

Darkness might provide the ideal spooky vibe for trick-or-treating, but early is better when you’re accompanied by toddlers. Eat a healthy dinner and plan to leave by 6:30 pm at the absolute latest.

Bring a Wagon

Don’t expect your toddler to walk for miles or carry massive amounts of candy. Limiting trick-or-treating to an hour is typically best, but you can slightly extend the excursion if you bring a wagon. Yes, it’s extra cargo, but no, you don’t want to carry your child and a pound of candy all the way home.

Avoid Spooky Homes

Some homeowners take delight in creating a chilling atmosphere for trick-or-treaters. Unfortunately, decorations and sound effects that delight older kids could terrify your toddler. Avoid any homes with a reputation for spooky vibes.

Trick-or-treating with toddlers doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Dress your toddler comfortably and stick to a shortened timeline. Remember, you can always amp up the trick-or-treating intensity in years to come.

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