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Scooters: The Newest Menace For DC Drivers?

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Take a look at your average DC street, and you might observe a subtle, yet surprisingly significant change for commuters: scooters. That’s right, scooters are changing the way we commute in Washington, D.C. LimeBike recently added dockless electric scooters to the area’s already impressive array of transit options. Not everybody’s happy, however; numerous drivers have complained of irresponsible scooter riders appearing seemingly out of nowhere, forcing sudden stops and increasing the risk of fender benders. What do these scooters mean for commuters? Read on to find out.

How Prevalent Are Scooter Injuries?

As of yet, there is no national data to indicate how big a risk scooter users pose to drivers — and to themselves. For now, we can only look to local anecdotes from emergency rooms in cities in which scooters are particularly popular. Washington Post interviews with emergency room physicians from seven major cities reveal that scooter-related injuries are a big deal all across the country.

How Can Drivers Keep Safe?


Scooter usage isn’t expected to change anytime soon. A pilot program that was set to expire was recently extended through the end of the year. DC drivers will simply need to adjust to this new road presence. Vigilance is imperative; in addition to watching for bikes and pedestrians, it’s critical that you keep an eye out for commuters on scooters. Drive within the posted speed limit and use turn signals well in advance to alert all those on the road of your intentions. Don’t depend on mirrors or even active technology to detect scooter riders in your blind spots.

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