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Washington DC’s population has been booming since the early 2000s, growing 14.6% in 2010 alone. DC’s newest residents bring jobs, restaurants, culture, and yes - U-Haul moving trucks. While any accident is scary, getting into an accident with a U-Haul truck is particularly dangerous and can leave drivers with severe and even fatal injuries. As new residents flock to DC, moving trucks (which oftentimes are operated by amateur truck drivers) flood DC roadways and pose a serious threat to drivers.

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Injured in an Accident with a U-Haul Moving Truck?

If you or your loved one were injured in an accident with a moving truck, contact the Regan Zambri Long U-Haul moving truck accident lawyers as soon as possible. We will work to secure you the maximum amount of compensation so you can focus on your recovery.

We offer free consultations to prospective clients to discuss all your legal options before we file any claim. We know you may have a lot of questions following your accidents, so our DC moving truck attorneys make themselves widely available to their clients. Our firm has the financial backing to take on large moving truck companies, such as U-Haul, so you can rest assured your lawyer will be by your side until the very end.

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At Regan Zambri Long, our truck accident lawyers understand that you want to put the accident behind you and continue on with your life. But that’s not always an option. A severe injury could have consequences that affect the rest of your life. You may not be able to return to work or engage in the daily activities you once enjoyed. It’s critical to speak with a personal injury firm that is well versed in the law and has the resources and credentials needed to get you back on your feet.

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Understanding U-Haul Accidents

U-Haul moving trucks, often known as box trucks, are larger than passenger vehicles, but smaller than tractor-trailers or other commercial trucks. Even though they aren’t as big as semis, the following makes moving trucks a major threat to DC drivers:

  • The size and the weight, especially carrying heavy furniture and moving boxes, can cause severe damage to the passengers in a regular-sized vehicle.
  • The box shape of a moving truck makes them hard to maneuver in tight spots, or when turning.
  • Trucks have large blind spots. Since you don’t need a special license to drive a moving truck, drivers are often not used to the blind spots and can cause an accident.
  • Drivers with no experience driving a truck may not be able to handle the size and weight of the truck, making stopping suddenly extremely difficult.
  • Improperly loaded cargo can make the truck unstable, causing it to roll over or be more difficult for the driver to handle.
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Common Causes of U-Haul Moving Truck Accidents

Besides handling the U-Haul truck itself, there are several other factors that may contribute to a truck accident in Washington DC. Some include:

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is, unfortunately, becoming the norm for drivers in Washington DC and across the United States. Over 3,000 people were killed by distracted driving in 2019 alone and the numbers are likely to increase. When a driver is operating a U-Haul, there is more opportunity for distraction than a regular car. The U-Haul driver may be unfamiliar with the area, so they are constantly glancing down at GPS systems or phone navigation systems. If the move involves multiple people, cell phone usage while driving is sure to be higher than normal.

Speeding or reckless driving

A driver can lose control of any vehicle if they are going at high speeds. However, when a driver is operating a U-Haul truck, it makes the consequences of speeding more costly. U-Haul trucks, when carrying cargo, can weigh over 17,000 pounds. The weight and size of the truck make it extremely difficult for the driver to come to a full stop quickly. If traffic slows in front of the truck driver, but the driver continues to speed, there is a risk he will crash into the car in front, causing serious damage to the passengers in that vehicle. U-Haul trailers are also common when moving. If a driver has a U-Haul trailer attached to their vehicle and drives at high speeds, the trailer can sway dangerously on the road. U-Haul drivers should abide by the posted speed limits. If the truck seems out of control, they should move into the right-hand lane and slow down.

Lane changes

Since U-Haul trucks have larger blind spots, changing lanes can be dangerous, especially when the driver is inexperienced. Many drivers will misjudge how much space they have to change lanes, which can cause a multi-car crash. Other drivers will fail to see a car in their blind spot when changing lanes, causing serious damage to the car. The best thing for U-Haul drivers, especially inexperienced drivers, is to stay in the right lane for the majority of the drive.

Improper turns

Large trucks need a wide breadth to maneuver a turn. For licensed truck drivers, these maneuvers are trained and practiced. For first-time U-Haul drivers making a single trip, no such training occurs. If a U-Haul driver underestimates how much space the truck needs to turn, it can lead to a head-on collision with a car.

Mechanical failure

Like other rented vehicles, the U-Haul driver has very little knowledge of how well the truck was maintained prior to driving it. Mechanical failures in U-Hauls can range from faulty tires to breaks, lights, all the way to complete engine failure. These failures can cause catastrophic accidents with severe injuries for both the U-Haul driver and passengers and the driver and passengers in the other vehicle.

Other causes of U-Haul moving truck accidents may include:

Who Is Liable for a U-Haul Moving Truck Accident?

Several parties can be held liable for a U-Haul moving truck accident, which is why it is essential to have a Regan Zambri Long moving truck accident lawyer by your side. Our attorneys deeply understand DC law, various insurance policies, and the DC court system. Your best bet of securing the maximum amount of compensation is with a Regan Zambri Long U-Haul moving truck accident lawyer by your side.

The first thing we will do is determine who needs to be held accountable for your accident. The parties we will look into include:

The U-Haul driver

If the driver was speeding, distracted, impaired, or driving recklessly then he or she would be directly at fault for the accident. Your Regan Zambri Long moving truck accident lawyer will use all information and documentation from your accident to prove the driver’s negligence. We will collect the police report, use footage from security cameras (if possible), witness testimony, police testimony, accident reconstruction, and medical records.

Washington DC requires drivers to carry liability insurance and under/uninsured motorist coverage. Your Regan Zambri Long moving truck accident attorney will go after the driver’s insurance company to make sure they cover the costs of your medical treatment and property damage. Not all liability insurance extends to rental moving trucks, so be sure to speak to a Regan Zambri Long moving truck accident lawyer as quickly as possible to make sure you can receive the compensation you deserve.


If your DC U-Haul lawyer finds that the truck rented was faulty, or the accident was due to a mechanical error, then U-Haul may be liable for the accident. It is U-Haul’s responsibility to keep their moving trucks in pristine condition before renting them out and sending them on the road. If the accident was caused by brake failure, engine failure, or another mechanical defect, your Regan Zambri Long moving truck accident attorney will make a claim against the company for negligence.


Third parties may be individuals or companies that were not directly involved in the moving truck accident, but whose negligence may have contributed to the collision. Third parties that may be responsible for your U-Haul moving truck accident include:

  • U-Haul manufacturers: A poorly manufactured truck could be faulty and lead to an accident. If this is the case, the manufacturer could be liable for the truck accident.
  • Maintenance companies: U-haul may use a third-party maintenance company to make sure their trucks are kept in good condition. If the maintenance company fails to properly inspect the vehicles, they could be responsible for the accident.
  • Professional movers/moving companies: Professional movers may be hired to load cargo and personal belongings into the truck. If they load improperly, causing the truck to be off balance, they could be at fault for the accident.
  • Local or state governments: Washington DC has a duty to its citizens to properly maintain the roads, which means covering large potholes and other hazards for drivers. If the U-Haul truck accident was caused because of an unavoidable pothole or hazard in the road, your Regan Zambri Long moving truck accident attorney may hold Washington DC liable for your accident.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Truck Accidents in Washington, DC

Q: What injuries can I sustain from a U-Haul truck accident?

A: Injuries can range from minor bumps and bruises to permanently debilitating and even life-threatening. Car drivers and passengers often suffer traumatic brain injuries when they are involved in a truck accident. Traumatic brain injuries are a violent jolt or blow to the head that causes brain damage. These injuries can result in coma, seizures, muscle paralysis, and major cognitive problems. Spinal cord injuries are also common following truck accidents. Since the U-Haul truck greatly outweighs a regular passenger vehicle, there is less protection for the driver of the car and their passengers. Spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis and death. Other injuries from U-Haul truck accidents include:

Q: What damages can I recover in a U-Haul moving truck accident claim?

A: U-Haul moving truck accident victims may be entitled to compensation for economic and non-economic damages following their accident.

Economic damages are compensation for monetary losses. These have a clear price and should be calculated in your claim so they are fully covered. These losses can be:

Non-economic damages are compensation for non-monetary losses. Your Regan Zambri Long U-Haul truck accident lawyer will carefully calculate what he believes you are owed for such losses. They can include:

Your DC moving truck accident attorney may also file a wrongful death claim if you lost your loved one. In these tragic cases, your attorney will work to secure damages for:

Q: What should I do if I’m involved in a U-Haul moving truck accident?

A: Your safety and the safety of your passengers is the most important thing following a U-Haul moving truck accident. If it is possible to move your vehicle, safely pull over to the side of the road so your vehicle isn’t sitting in the roadway and call 911. If the driver of the U-Haul tries to convince you not to make the call, do not listen to them. The responding police officers will be able to coordinate the medical attention needed and begin investigating the scene of the accident.

If your medical needs have been addressed, you can start documenting the accident. Documentation should include pictures and videos of the damage done to your vehicle, as well as the U-Haul truck. Take pictures and videos of any injuries you sustained during the accident. Note any aches and pains you feel following the collision.

If there were any witnesses to the accident, take notes of their account. Make sure to write down their contact information so your Regan Zambri Long moving accident lawyer can get in touch with them during the claims process. If the U-Haul driver is willing, take their name and contact information, as well as the license plate and copy of insurance. If the driver will not give you the information, do not press them. All the information you need will be in the police report.

Finally, contact a Regan Zambri Long U-Haul moving truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. While you are not required to have an attorney during the claims process, it can certainly eat up a lot of time and be extremely stressful. Let us help. We can bear the weight of the claims process, handling all the correspondence with insurance companies, the other driver, and the U-Haul truck company, while you focus on your recovery. Finally, we guarantee our clients that we will not take a fee unless we secure a favorable settlement or verdict. Call today for your free consultation to get the process started.

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