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Injury Lawyer for Slip and Fall Accidents at Arby’s

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Whenever you dine out at a restaurant like Arby’s, it’s reasonable to expect a safe and clean environment. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall in an Arby’s and it was due to someone else’s negligence, reach out to a slip and fall lawyer today.

In a busy restaurant, there are a variety of situations that could come up that need to be addressed by the staff in a timely manner. From a spilled soda to a dropped item in the walkways, hazards can impair a customer’s experience, including causing accidents like a slip and fall.

Slip and fall injury cases can be hard to prove, which makes it critical you have an experienced lawyer by your side. At Regan Zambri Long PLLC, we have decades of experience helping injury victims recover. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case.

Potential Injuries in Arby’s Slip and Fall Accidents

While some falls can be innocuous, others can cause a great deal of harm that includes physical, emotional, financial, and more. For instance, the CDC reports that falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Other ways a person could be injured in a slip and fall in Arby’s include:

How a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Can Help

slip and fall warning signIf you were injured in a slip and fall while dining out or picking up food at an Arby’s restaurant, you should seek the help of an experienced slip and fall lawyer. These cases can be very complicated so you will want someone who knows how to prove, fight, and negotiate these cases to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

After an Arby’s slip and fall accident, it will be very important to your case that you save every piece of evidence. This could be photos of the scene, including any hazards that caused your accident to medical bills you incurred while getting treatment for your injuries. In cases, an Arby’s employee may also record the details in an official accident report.

What happens with all of this documentation? An experienced slip and fall attorney will use it to investigate your case. Other important items to your case may include:

Determining Slip and Fall Negligence in DC, MD, VA

In many states, both the business and the injured person can share fault. In these cases, the injured customer will still be awarded partial compensation. However, unfortunately this is not the case in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia. That means, if you have been injured in an Arby’s in any of these jurisdictions, you must prove you were without any bit of fault for your accident.

This scenario is what is called contributory negligence, and it makes slip and fall injury cases harder to prove. So don’t try to go it alone. An experienced DC, Maryland and Virginia premises liability lawyer knows how to win these cases to ensure you receive the compensation you need to recover.

Arby’s Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

After a potential Arby’s slip and fall accident, the last thing you should be worried about is the legality of how you can recover. Work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who will be by your side the whole way.

At Regan Zambri Long PPLC, our premises liability slip and fall accident lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience. Contact us today for a free consultation, where you can speak to a lawyer about the specifics of your case.

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