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Prince George's County Truck Accident Lawyer

Wondering About Your Rights After a Truck Accident in Prince George's County?

Prince George’s County is home to several Maryland highways, including Rt 3, Rt 4, and Rt 210. Each of these highways sees hundreds of commercial trucks travel on them every day.

As much as we need our trucks and truck drivers to deliver different goods across the state, we also understand the risks of traveling alongside a commercial truck.

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PG County has consistently higher death rates than other counties in Maryland. Being involved in a commercial truck accident can be catastrophic to the passengers in a regular vehicle. Severe injuries forever alter the lives of the accident victims.

$77M Wrongful Death Settlement
$20M Brain Injury Verdict
$19.5M Wrongful Death Verdict
$16M Premises Liability Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Settlement
$15.2M Wrongful Death Verdict
$14M Personal Injury Settlement
$14M Car Accident Settlement
$11M Med. Malpractice Settlement

An Experienced Prince George’s County Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you suffered a serious injury in a Prince George’s County truck accident, call the personal injury lawyers at the Regan Zambri Long law firm today. During a free initial consultation, you will speak with a lawyer who will guide you through the claims process, explain your legal rights, and evaluate potential compensation for your losses.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit or file a claim for my truck accident injuries?

A statute of limitations is a law that sets the maximum amount of time someone has to make a legal claim against someone else.

In Maryland, a victim has three years from the accident date to file a truck accident lawsuit against the negligent driver. While this may seem like a long time, if the window closes and an official claim is not filed, you may lose your rights to collect compensation for your injuries. Don’t delay, contact our experienced truck accident lawyers today.

5 stars Prince George's County Truck Accident Lawyer

Causes of Truck Accidents in Prince George’s County

Many times, an accident is just that – an accident. However, in the world of personal injury claims, an accident involving negligence is  entirely different. Negligence is failure to take proper care in doing something. In a truck accident claim, there are two main parties whose negligence commonly causes truck accidents: the truck driver and the trucking company.


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Truck Driver Errors

A driver may have caused the accident with the following negligent errors:

Trucking Companies

Similarly, the company’s negligence could have led to the accident with the following errors:

Proving Negligence for a Truck Collision

There are four steps that a Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyer will take to prove negligence in your personal injury claim: duty of care, breach of duty, causation, and damages.

  • Duty of care is one party’s obligation toward another party to exercise a reasonable level of care in a given circumstance. Truck drivers have a duty of care for fellow travelers on the road to drive as safely and responsibly as possible.
  • A breach of that duty of care is when the party fails to act reasonably. In a truck accident claim, a driver would breach the duty of care to other cars with negligent driving (distracted driving, drowsy driving, etc.)
  • The third step in proving negligence in a personal injury claim is proving causation. Your Prince George’s County truck accident lawyer must prove that the accident caused your injuries directly.
  • Finally, a Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyer will negotiate damages on your behalf. We will start with negotiations with the trucking company’s insurance company. We will take your case to court if we cannot reach a favorable settlement during those negotiations.

Your lawyer will use every tool at hand to secure a favorable settlement. This includes obtaining the police report, looking at the company’s log books, working with accident reconstruction specialists, and consulting with medical personnel and other legal minds. The trucking industry must follow strict regulations. We will determine if those regulations were broken or disregarded during our thorough investigation.

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Liability for Truck Accidents in Prince George’s County

Who can be held liable for my truck accident?

Several parties that can be held accountable for commercial truck accidents. An experienced attorney can comb through the evidence and determine whose negligence led to the crash. The parties that are potentially liable for commercial truck accidents are:

Seeking Compensation for Your Truck Accident Injuries

What damages can I collect for my truck accident?

You can recover two main types of damages in a truck accident claim: economic and non-economic.

Economic and Non-Economic Damages for Your Truck Accident Injuries

Economic damages are tangible or monetary losses that include:

Non-economic damages include:

Get Legal Help for Your PG County Truck Accident

The Regan Zambri Long law firm has won millions for our clients for almost thirty years. We offer a free consultation where we will discuss your legal options.

We offer free consultations to injured clients where we discuss the available compensation and legal strategies we will take to ensure a favorable settlement or verdict.

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