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What Does a Washington, DC Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

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Lawyer discussing with judge for truck accident caseBecause trucks weigh as much as 30 times more than the average passenger car, the force of the impact of a truck accident often leaves the victim battling serious injuries. In the days following the accident, victims are left to deal with grief, serious (and maybe permanent) injuries, property damage, and emotional trauma.

The truck accident lawyers at Regan Zambri Long can take the weight of the legal process off your shoulders. They will investigate the accident, the truck driver, and the trucking company. They will gather evidence from the police report and speak to witnesses who were on the scene of the accident. Finally, they will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you get the highest settlement possible. Regan Zambri Long offers free consultations and they do not get paid unless a settlement is reached in your favor. Contact the expert Washington D.C. truck accident lawyers today for your free consultation and let them help you move on with your life as soon as possible.

How will a truck accident attorney gather evidence for my claim and find the responsible party?

The biggest piece of the puzzle in a truck accident claim is to determine the party responsible for the accident. The parties who could be liable for the accident are:

  1. The truck driver: If the driver was driving recklessly – speeding, driving while distracted, drowsy driving, or driving while intoxicated – then the fault would lie with the driver. The Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyer would file a claim against the driver, the driver’s employer, and their insurance provider.
  2. The trucking company: If the accident happened because the truck was poorly maintained, then the defendant in your claims case would be the trucking company. It’s their job to make sure their trucks are safe before sending them on the road.
  3. The cargo loader: If the truck accident happened because cargo fell off the truck, then the claim could be against the cargo loader, who didn’t do their job properly and made the D.C. roadways unsafe for other travelers.
  4. The city or municipality: It was reported that Washington D.C. has a particular problem with potholes. Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland are hubs for trucking routes, so if the driver swerved to avoid a pothole and caused an accident, then the fault could be with the city who did not maintain the roads for its citizens.

The Regan Zambri Long truck accident attorney will also be able to gather evidence that will come in from multiple looking at computer gathering evidence for truck accident Trucking companies follow specific laws, so after an accident occurs, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and other federal agencies will do their own investigation.  The lawyer will be able to be in touch with personnel from those agencies, along with the police department who responded to the accident, and the multiple insurance companies involved. Contact Regan Zambri Long today to have an experienced truck accident lawyer handle every detail of your claim so you can focus on a complete recovery.

Are Washington D.C. trucking laws different from passenger vehicle laws?

Trucking companies and drivers are subject to specific laws and regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These laws and regulations include:

  • Hours of Service
    • Limits the number of consecutive hours drivers can spend on the road per day. The limit is currently 14 hours per day.
    • Sets mandatory rest and sleep hours the driver has to take per day.
  • Electronic Logging Devices
    • Companies must install electronic logging devices (ELDs) in each truck to make sure drivers are complying with the hours of service limitations.
  • Medical Exams and Background Checks
    • Companies must perform drug, alcohol, and medical tests in order to hire a new driver.
    • Background checks for criminal or traffic violations must be complete in order to hire a new driver.
  • Cargo Loading
    • Requires companies and employees to properly secure cargo on the truck.
  • Employee training
    • Requires all drivers to obtain a commercial driver’s license.
    • All drivers must be properly trained before making solo trips.
  • Inspection and Maintenance
    • Regular inspections and maintenance are required for each truck before trips in order to lessen the risk of accidents.

The Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyers know the ins and outs of the national trucking laws. They also know laws specific to Washington D.C., including the trucking routes and restrictions. They will use their expertise to build your case so you receive the highest amount of compensation possible.

If you were injured, call a Washington DC truck accident lawyerUnfortunately, trucking accidents have been going in an upward trend since the early 2000’s. The number of people who died in trucking accidents in 2019 was 31% higher than in 2009. The truck accident attorneys at Regan Zambri Long do not shy away from tough cases. They prepare every claim as if it’s going to trial. They have the financial backing to take on large trucking companies and their insurance providers. With Regan Zambri Long, you can rest assured that the truck accident lawyer will see your case until the very end and work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve.


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