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How Much Should You Settle For?

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How Much Should You Settle for in a Truck Accident Case?

While there is no exact number for a settlement in a truck accident case, the attorneys at Regan Zambri Long understand the necessity of proper compensation. Medical bills are costly, car repairs and replacements are expensive, and there is a strong likelihood that you may not be able to return to work right away following the accident. Damages are usually calculated based on the severity of the injuries and the extent of the property damage.

The D.C. truck accident lawyers at Regan Zambri Long will pursue multiple types of damages to ensure you are properly compensated following your accident. Those include:

  • Injury Accidents: Your lawyer will secure compensation for all medical expenses related to your accident. Because truck accidents are so dangerous for passengers in typical-sized vehicles, the injuries sustained can be catastrophic. The attorney will seek compensation for:
    • Medical bills
    • Permanent injuries (i.e. paralysis)
    • Future medical bills
    • Lost wages and future wages
    • Noneconomic damages (pain and suffering, mental anguish).
  • Property Damage: Your attorney will pursue compensation for repairs to your car or a full replacement. Trucks can be as much as 30 times heavier than a passenger car, so it is likely that your car will have to be fully replaced. Property damage claims cover expenses for repairs or replacements. It also includes personal property that was in the car at the time of the accident and damaged by the impact.
  • Catastrophic Accidents: These types of accidents involve the death of a loved one. If your loved one was killed in a truck accident, our attorneys will pursue a wrongful death claim to recover the full value of the victim’s life, including any income lost since the death.

How will the truck accident lawyer determine who is at fault?

There are several parties that can be held responsible for a truck accident. The attorneys at Regan Zambri Long will be able to investigate the scene of the accident, research the driver’s record, and speak to eyewitnesses who were at the accident to determine who is at fault. The defendant in the claims case could be any of the following:

  • The Truck Driver: One of the biggest causes of truck accidents in Washington D.C. and across the United States is drowsy driving. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets strict regulations on how many consecutive hours a truck driver can drive per day, but truck companies often pressure drivers to ignore them in order to speed up delivery times. Drowsy driving is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated, according to the CDC. If the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, or was recklessly driving in another way (speeding, driving while distracted, etc.) then the driver would be at fault. Your lawyer would pursue a claim against the driver, the employer, and their insurance providers.
  • The Trucking Company: The trucking company is responsible for the safety of their trucks. Neglecting to perform regular maintenance checks on the trucks can result in brake failure, broken lights, engine failure, and bad tires. This increases the chances of an accident. It is also up to the company to make sure their drivers are properly trained and experienced before sending them out on solo trips. The drivers need to be able to handle the size and weight of the truck in order to be completely safe on the roadway. Your attorney will use the police report and investigate the trucking company to find out if the company performed regular maintenance checks on the truck. If the company was negligent, the attorney will pursue a claim against the trucking company and its insurance provider.
  • The Cargo Loader: If you were involved in an accident due to unsecured cargo, then your claim could be against the cargo loader. The FMCSA set strict laws regarding secure cargo loading to make sure the roadways are safe while trucks carrying cargo are traveling on them. If the cargo loaders failed to do their job, which resulted in an accident,your lawyer will pursue a claim against the loader.
  • The City or Municipality: Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland have multiple trucking routes going through them. It is up to the local governments to make sure conditions on the road make it safe to travel on. If the truck driver swerved in order to avoid a pothole and caused an accident, then a claim could be made against the municipality who neglected to maintain proper conditions on their roads.

The truck accident lawyers at Regan Zambri Long are experts in Washington D.C. trucking laws and various insurance policies. They will be able to determine what avenue to pursue in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

The insurance company offered me a large settlement sum. Should I accept?

You should always keep in mind that the trucking company and their insurance provider have their own best interest in mind, not yours. It is also important to note that even if you don’t think your injuries are that bad, they can worsen or change over time. Medical attention is extremely expensive and if you need ongoing treatments or procedures, the bills pile up quickly. That initial settlement money can be depleted in a very short amount of time. The urge to accept a payment early is tempting, but early settlements are rarely in the best interest of the victim. It is essential to speak to a personal injury attorney at Regan Zambri Long, who specialize in truck accident cases before you accept any payment from the insurance company or trucking company. Our lawyers will guide you through the complicated claims process and determine the parties at fault in order to get you the highest settlement possible. Regan Zambri Long has recovered millions for their clients involved in trucking accidents. While it can be intimidating for one person to go against large trucking companies and powerful insurance agencies, our attorneys will use their 100+ years of combined experience and ample financial backing in order to take on large companies. You can rest assured your attorney will be able to see your case through until the end, working diligently to recover the maximum amount of compensation so you can focus on a full recovery.

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