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How to Find out Whether Your Kids’ Toys Have Been Recalled [and What to Do About It]

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Every year, manufacturers and oversight agencies recall hundreds of kids’ toys due to choking hazards, high lead levels and other problems. You can find out about these recalls by checking government databases as well as perusing sites that offer expert advice about children. Since the issues that lead to recalls can cause serious harm, always take these warnings seriously. The overview below provides the information you need to know to protect your child.

How to Find Toy Recalls

Periodically visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website, as the agency posts the details online and distributes a press release after each recall. In addition, sign up for email alerts, which will notify you when the CPSC adds a new product to the list. You can also check the CPSC database before buying a toy.

Are Secondhand Toys Safe?

While secondhand toys may be inexpensive, they may not be safe. Before you buy or accept a used toy, look it up on the CPSC website.

What to Do About Recalls

Once you discover that a recalled toy belongs to your child, take it away immediately. Next, visit the CPSC or manufacturer’s website to find out the reason for the recall along with the remedy. Options for the remedy include a refund, repair or replacement. Whenever you doubt the safety of your child’s toy, act conservatively. Dispose of it, or at least keep it out of reach and out of sight until you have the time and energy to do more rigorous due diligence about it.

For information about what kinds of toy issues can pose a danger for children, see ABCs of Toy Safety.

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