ClickCease Should an Injured Person be Frightened to Call a Lawyer?
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Should an Injured Person be Scared to Call a Lawyer?

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After an accident or injury, many people are scared to call a lawyer. In many cases, the law is intimidating, especially for those who have never had experience filing a personal injury claim and know no one else who has, either. Our law firm offers free initial consultations so that you can meet our lawyers, get to know our office and get the information you need to feel at ease. In this video, attorney Salvatore Zambri discusses his strategies as an attorney who represents people from all walks of life.
The law could be very intimidating, and let’s remember who I represent: I represent people. People aren’t the same. Some people weren’t born in this country. Some people weren’t born in the metropolitan DC area. Some people don’t have parents or siblings who are lawyers themselves. Doctors. Engineers. So, this is this can be a very unfamiliar terrain for people to tread upon. Hopefully, I can give them—what I hope to give every one of my clients is a sense of comfort. That when they come in here they are coming in to meet me. Not as someone who’s just going to direct them what to do. Every time I feel like something needs to be done. But we’re going to be working together as a partnership. I like to get to know my clients very intimately. In the sense of, I like to go to their homes. I certainly like to spend time with them. I want to know what it is they’re experiencing now that the event has tragically impacted their lives. I think by the end of it, from what I hear from my clients—and it makes me proud to say this—they’re updated all along the way. They feel comfortable all along the way. And that’s the best way to reach a positive result. For a free consultation, to speak to me or anyone at our law firm, please contact us here at Regan, Zambri & Long at (202) 463-3030.

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