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Local Fire Caused by Charcoal Highlights the Risks of Cooking without Precautions

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Charcoal briquettes that were still hot after a family was finished grilling caused a fire on Sunday in Prince George’s County. Grilling is a fun activity for the whole family, but includes inherent risks of injury and property damage. In this case, there were luckily no reported injuries; however the property damage was estimated to be around $100,000. Education and hazard awareness help to mitigate risks so that this type of suffering does not need to occur.

The Prince George’s County Fire Department provides the following tips for grilling in their Summer Safety First series:

  • Never use a grill indoors including garages, overhangs, and canopies.
  • In Prince George’s County, grills must be placed 30 feet away from any multi-family apartment building, at least 10 feet away from anything combustible (including your house), and never used on balconies of apartments or condominiums.
  • Do not allow children or pets to play near a grill.
  • Use only approved ignition fluids such as lighter fluid to start a charcoal grill. Never use gasoline to ignite a grill.
  • Always keep something nearby to extinguish a grill fire nearby such as a fire extinguisher or bucket of sand. A garden hose could also be used, but water should never be used to extinguish a grease fire.
  • If you use a gas grill, inspect it before each use for leaks or loose connections.

Other helpful grilling tips include the following:

  • Completely cool charcoal used briquettes and dispose of them in a metal container.
  • Clean your grill often to remove buildup of highly flammable grease or fat.
  • Set up your grill on a stable, flat surface. If it is on a wooden deck, consider using a grill pad to protect the deck and reduce its flammability.
  • Never leave a grill unattended while it is on.

For tips on safely cooking food while grilling, click here to read our previous blog dedicated to food safety. Previously, we have posted an article related to clothes dryer maintenance and use in order to help you avoid fire injuries.

Clothes Dryer Maintenance and Use

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