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How to Get Your Nurse to Be an Ally And Patient Advocate

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Nurses hold an increasingly esteemed position within the health care industry. Many are authorized to handle responsibilities once reserved for doctors. Despite this expanded scope of responsibilities, they remain critical patient advocates. They are there to speak up on your behalf when you’re concerned about specific diagnoses, procedures, or other medical issues. Many will naturally step up to the task, but others require additional guidance.

Build Rapport With Your Nurses

Nurses provide a valuable combination of physical, mental, and emotional care. Unfortunately, not all patients respond to their efforts to develop meaningful relationships. While nurses should remain supportive regardless of your response to their outreach, you’ll find it far easier to obtain the assistance you require if you show warmth and respect from the very beginning. Polite interactions can go a long way towards establishing a strong nurse-patient relationship.

Make Your Wishes Known

Many nurses are happy to act as advocates, but they won’t necessarily take on this role if they’re unaware of your desire for a strong ally. If you suspect that a particular nurse can provide the help you require, don’t hesitate to make your wishes known. Feel free to share your concerns — and how you think a particular nurse can help. It doesn’t matter if you think your needs are obvious; the more open and honest you can be when interacting with nurses, the more likely you are to receive the targeted assistance you require.

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