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Getting a Second Opinion From a Doctor: When And How to Do It

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Even the most trusted doctors are far from infallible. Errors in diagnosis are shockingly common, even among the industry’s top authorities. As a patient, however, you can reduce your likelihood of falling victim by seeking a second diagnosis. This process may feel intimidating, but it could make all the difference as you pursue the best possible course of action:

Top Reasons For Seeking a Second Opinion

A variety of circumstances can prompt the common desire for a second opinion. Often, patients simply want more information. In other cases, however, the following factors may be at play:

  • Doubts as to the accuracy of the initial diagnosis.
  • The desire to pursue alternative treatment options.
  • Interest in clinical trials.
  • A simple double-check to improve peace of mind.
  • Fulfilling insurance requirements, which, in select cases, mandate feedback from multiple medical professionals.

When in doubt, trust your intuition. If your gut tells you a second opinion is necessary, don’t hesitate to book an additional appointment.

How to Obtain a Second Opinion

The source of your second opinion matters. If you lack a referral, research your options carefully to determine who specializes in your condition and is most likely to provide an accurate diagnosis. Check your insurance coverage, as the most trusted specialists may not be covered under your plan.

Once you’ve settled on a provider, gather all necessary medical documentation, including exams, lab results, and diagnostic imaging. Explain what, exactly, you were told during your previous visit — and why you desire a second opinion.

Medical malpractice cases often involve misdiagnosis. If you believe an incorrect diagnosis has caused you to suffer, feel free to seek assistance from Regan Zambri Long PLLC. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more.

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