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Analysis of 25 Years of Paid Malpractice Claims | DC Metro Area Medical Malpractice Law Blog

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Posted by Salvatore J. Zambri, founding member and partner

A recent article published by BMJ Quality and Safety studied the diagnosis-related claims from the National Practitioner Data Bank maintained by the federal government for a 25 year period from 1986-2010. This study reviewed and cataloged the error type, outcome severity and payments of malpractice claims, comparing diagnostic error to other malpractice claims.  Of the 350,706 paid claims studied during this 25 year period, diagnostic errors accounted for 28.6% of the errors as well as the highest proportion of total payments (35.2%). “Diagnostic errors more often resulted in death than other allegation groups (40.9%) and were the leading cause of of claims-associated death and disability.”

Researchers contributing to this study concluded, “Among malpractice claims, diagnostic errors appear to be the most common, most costly and most dangerous of medical mistakes. We found roughly equal numbers of lethal and non-lethal errors in our analysis, suggesting that the public health burden of diagnostic errors could be twice that previously estimated. Healthcare stakeholders should consider diagnostic safety a critical health policy issue.”

According to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine neurologist David E. Neuman-Toker, one of the lead researchers in this study, “Diagnostic errors are the most common, the most costly and the most deadly of all medical errors.”  He also indicated that, “there are no public reporting requirements for measuring diagnostic accuracy or error,” because diagnostic errors are not always evident immediately, as contrasted to medication and surgical errors.

Hopefully, the medical community will use the information from the study to make changes that will lead to greater patient safety.

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Mr. Zambri is regularly asked to present seminars to lawyers and doctors, as well as both medical and law students concerning defective drugs, medication errors, medical negligence and malpractice litigation, and safety improvements.

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