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Summer Camp Hazards: How Parents Can Protect Their Kids

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Summer camps help your children gain confidence, independence, and lifelong friendships. Unfortunately, this environment can also be highly dangerous — especially when you’re not around to monitor your children. Don’t let fear get in the way of a life-changing experience; take these steps to keep your children safe:

Invest in Swimming Lessons

Summer camp activities are often based around lakes. While some camps offer swimming lessons, it’s best to develop this crucial skill long before you send your kids to camp. Once your children are capable of swimming a full 50 yards on their own, you can feel confident as they pursue water-based activities. Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the need for certified lifeguards and life jackets; vet carefully to ensure that proper safety protocol is maintained.

Address Allergies

The biggest dangers of summer camp may lie not in the lake or woods, but in the cafeteria. Alert the camp in advance to any food allergies your child may have — and check that meals and snacks are prepared accordingly. Don’t forget to address other allergies. For example, kids with bee stings will require quick access to EpiPens.

Examine And Discuss Camp Safety Protocol in Advance

Before your child leaves for camp, take a close look at specific rules and protocol. Both you and your child should know what will happen in the event of an emergency. Remind your child that these rules are not set in place to annoy or instill fear, but rather, to ensure that everybody knows how to behave in the worst-case scenario.

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