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Safe Driving Tips For Your Holiday Road Trip

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Ready to hit the road for your next holiday gathering? You’re certainly not alone. Every year, AAA forecasts travel plans for over 100 million Americans. Many spend hours on planes, but others find themselves crammed in their cars and duking it out with obnoxious winter weather. Add traffic, road rage, and drunk driving, and you have a recipe for disaster. Maintenance and early departures, however, can make a huge difference.

Invest in Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance, although easy to neglect, can make a huge difference during the peak of holiday travel. Unfortunately, your local service center may prove just as busy as the mall, especially as damage from black ice prompts major repairs. If possible, plan to bring your vehicle in for necessary maintenance well in advance. Don’t forget to have snow tires installed; these provide valuable traction to make snowy and icy drives a bit less terrifying.

Leave Early

Holiday traffic can be brutal. When in doubt, tack on at least an extra half hour to your commute to account for unexpected delays. If you feel rushed, you’ll be more likely to exceed the speed limit — and be less capable of responding to sudden hazards.

Know Your Route

Before you leave, double-check your intended route — especially if you anticipate heavy traffic. pay close attention to exits, where last-minute lane changes can spell disaster. If you anticipate missing an exit, take your time and grab the next one. It’s far better to arrive ten minutes late than to spend half an hour in the ditch.

You do your part to keep roads safe during the holiday season, but what about other drivers? It’s important to hold negligent individuals accountable. Regan Zambri Long PLLC can help. Reach out today to learn more about our personal injury services.

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