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Gen Z Behind the Wheel: A Look at the Statistics, Dangers, and Opportunities

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Move over millennials — a new generation is about to take over. Born in the late 90s and early 2000s, Gen Z holds a fiercely independent streak and a deep awareness of technology as it relates to personal branding. Although slow to take to the road compared to other generations, today’s young adults are beginning to adapt to the vehicular world. We’ve observed the following as they get behind the wheel:

Lower Rates of Drunk Driving

Today’s roads are safer because members of Gen Z know better than to drive while intoxicated — or at least, they’re willing to take an Uber instead. Federal data suggests that the drunk driving rate has fallen to a new low. Unfortunately, other substance risks are becoming more common, including driving under the influence of cannabis, and increasingly, vaping and driving.

Texting Behind the Wheel — Gen Z Not Alone in Dangerous Behaviors

Like Millennials, members of Gen Z love their smartphones. Unfortunately, many struggle to avoid their phones while driving. According to an analysis of driving statistics conducted by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, crashes associated with texting and driving are increasing at an alarming rate. Texting is just the tip of the iceberg; many drivers regularly use Instagram and Snapchat on the road. Interestingly, however, members of Gen Z may not be the primary offenders. According to The Harris Poll, Gen X drivers are far more likely to talk, text, and use social media behind the wheel than their Gen Z counterparts. Parents are the most common culprits, even when they have children in the car.

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