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How the Daylight Savings Switch Impacts Driving — And What to Do About It

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Every year, we gain an hour in the fall and give up an hour in the spring for the sake of daylight savings. Most people regard this as a mere inconvenience — but if statistics are to be believed, this tradition wreaks havoc on our health and safety. Our roads, in particular, are more dangerous in the aftermath of daylight savings, as you’ll discover below:

Daylight Savings and Car Accidents: By the Numbers

Multiple studies suggest that daylight savings impacts our ability to complete a variety of essential tasks, such as safely operating motor vehicles. A 2014 University of Colorado Boulder study, for example, demonstrated a spike in fatal collisions during the several days following daylight savings. Researchers at Rutgers University estimate that the implementation of year-round daylight savings would result in 195 fewer motor vehicle occupant fatalities per year.

How to Stay Safe After Daylight Savings

While many people are calling for the abolishment of daylight savings, all signs point to regular time changes continuing in years to come. This may seem discouraging, but we can still take small steps to minimize the impact of daylight savings.

Experts point to sleep deprivation as one of the chief causes of the daylight savings-related rise in fatalities; the more sleep you can get during the week following a time change, the better. Likewise, you may benefit from shifting your driving time, as research suggests that differences in ambient light may be at least partially to blame for crashes following daylight savings.

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