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How March’s Fast-Changing Weather Can Create Unique Hazards on the Road

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The month of March brings newfound optimism at the end of a long winter, but that doesn’t mean that the harsh weather is over. This highly changeable month can bring both warm temperatures and blizzards — often in the span of a few days. This brings a variety of hazards to local roads, including the following:


Many of the biggest driving problems in March have little to do with specific weather issues, and instead, stem from overconfidence among otherwise cautious drivers. Suddenly, after months of slow speeds and other adjustments, drivers feel that they can remove their snow tires, pick up the pace, and generally behave with reckless abandon. They might get away with this on clear days, but trouble awaits when ice or snow return.

Melting and Thawing

Daytime might feel downright balmy during the month of March, but nights and early mornings are another matter altogether. Any melting that occurs during the day can lead to icy roads at night.

March’s pattern of melting and thawing is especially problematic due to black ice, which can be difficult to detect and is capable of causing devastating accidents even at slow speeds. To reduce personal risk, keep an eye on the weather forecast and drive with extreme caution when the temperature goes below 32 degrees.


Following months of expansion and contraction, the spring roads are primed for potholes. Hitting them could throw your vehicle out of alignment, damage the shocks, or harm your tires. If you suspect any of these issues after an encounter with a pothole, get your vehicle checked out ASAP. To limit your risk, keep your tires properly inflated and stay a healthy distance behind the vehicle in front of you.

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