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School Safety Tips for Parents | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

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According to the National Crime Prevention Council, violent acts ranging from bullying and harassment, to more life-threatening incidents such as fights and school shootings, occur in schools across the nation on a daily basis. While most schools have implemented safety programs to keep students safe, the National Crime Prevention Council offers tips on how parents can take specific steps to improve the safety of their child’s school environment.

The National Crime Prevention Council, which developed the “Be Safe and Sound Initiative” in collaboration with the National PTA, provides the following tips for parents, community members and educators, on how to make schools a safer and more pleasant environment for learning.

1.      Listen and Talk to Your Children Regularly: “Communicating with your child on a number of topics related to school, friends and his or her interests can give you valuable insight. Talk to your child about violence and how to solve problems.”

2.      Set an Example: “Show your child that you can settle conflicts, peacefully and nonviolently. Also, show your support for school policies and rules. If your child feels a rule is wrong, explain how the rule can increase school safety.”

3.      Work with Others: “Join a parent, school or neighborhood association to discuss problems with violence in the community. Work together to find solutions and ways you can provide support to the schools in your community.”

The NCPC provides additional information regarding school safety and personal safety issues under its “Be Safe and Sound Initiative”.  Additionally, the Caregivers’ Guide to Safety and Security provides further information on what parents can do to improve school safety and security. It not only contains an overview of school safety and security guidelines, but it also has an assessment checklist and advice and tips on advocating for change. Finally, the NCPC’s School Safety and Security Toolkit: A Guide for Parents, Schools, and Communities informs parents and community members on how to work with administrators and policymakers in efforts to make schools safer.

To learn more about the “Be Safe and Sound Initiative” visit the National Crime Prevention Council website.

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