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National Burn Awareness Week: Safety Advice | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

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February 3rd – 9th is National Burn Awareness Week – a period of time designated to raise public awareness of burn injuries and how to prevent them.  This year’s primary theme is gasoline burn prevention.  The Manassas Journal Messenger recently published an extensive compilation of gasoline safety tips to help prevent burn injuries and other burn-related accidents.

In Virginia alone, more than 1,500 burn-related hospitalizations occurred between 2001 and 2005.  Worse, the hospitalization rate for children younger than age 4 was 5 times higher than the rate for all other ages combined.  Regan Zambri & Long encourages readers to familiarize themselves with theses safety tips and share them with others to help prevent personal injuries related to gasoline:


• Always remember that gasoline can be ignited by a spark, flame or other sources of heat regardless of proximity.

• Do not use gasoline anywhere near a barbecue grill.

• Do not use gasoline to light or start a grill fire.

• Do not use gasoline as a cleaning fluid or solvent.

Handling Gasoline

• Do not allow children to play near or touch gasoline containers.

• Do not handle gasoline near a flame source, such as matches.

• Do not siphon gasoline by mouth, as it is harmful if swallowed.

• If gasoline is swallowed seek immediate medical attention.

Storing Gasoline

• Store gasoline only in approved containers.

• Gasoline should only be stored in well ventilated, outside storage areas not attached to your home, such as a shed.

• Always keep gasoline containers out of the reach of children.

• Do not store gasoline in the home or in a vehicle.

• Do not store gasoline near sources of heat or sparks, such as a furnace, clothes dryer or water heater.


• Install smoke alarms on each level of your home and outside all sleeping areas.

• Test smoke alarms monthly, replace batteries at least twice a year.

• Plan and practice your home fire escape.

• Supervise young children closely.

• Keep matches and lighters in a secured drawer.

• Have children report finding of matches and lighters.”

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