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As trial attorneys we have been attacked for years by the insurance companies and their big business allies who want to  eliminate the civil justice system and close the courthouse to injured individuals.  However,  the civil justice system was the big winner in the elections last week, as Americans voted for change.  Candidates who support the civil justice system have won, while the vast majority of campaigns attacking the civil justice system and trial lawyers failed.

Thirteen trial attorneys, like Iowa ATLA Board Governor Bruce Braley, were elected to the House and three to the Senate.  No pro-civil justice Republican was defeated.  Although Republicans were turned out of office across the country, not a single Republican who supported the civil justice system was defeated.

And some of the most vociferous advocates of eliminating the ability of Americans to hold wrongdoers accountable, like Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), were defeated by unprecedented margins.

This election proves that the scare tactics and propaganda of the opponents of civil justice do not resonate with voters. With this election, the American people have begun to take back their government from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, big oil and other large corporations which have come to dominate our political process.

While we should savor this remarkable electoral victory for civil justice, we cannot presume that the fight is over.  It is not.  Already the corporate CEOs and their agents in the Administration and Congress are plotting new ways to subvert the legal rights of Americans in order to avoid accountability and bolster corporate profits.

Standing up for the civil justice system and the constitutional rights of Americans is a full-time job.  At Regan Zambri and Long, we are proud of our work to protect the rights of our clients, and our future clients.  If you would like information concerning where your state and national elected officials stand on the important issue of the civil justice system, please email the law firm.

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