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Corp(orate) Reform, Not Tort Reform: Absurd “Pants Case” Shows Strengths of Legal System | DC Metro Area Medical Malpr

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In an Op-Ed in the Montgomery Advertiser newspaper, Alabama Association for Justice President Bob Prince recently explained how the outcome of a $54 million suit against a metro dry cleaning business illustrates the strengths of the nation’s legal system — much to the chagrin of anti-consumer CEOs who peddle “tort reform.”  The piece is reprinted below in its entirety.

Pants case shows system working

July 6, 2007

Anti-consumer groups like the Pacific Research Institute and Alabama Voters Against Lawsuit Abuse, which are funded by big companies, are seeing their weak arguments for tipping the scales of justice in favor of rich CEOs and against citizens get even weaker.

The ruling of a Washington, D.C., judge in favor of the dry cleaners in the now-famous “pants case” is proof positive that the American civil justice system works well as is. In addition, the plaintiff, D.C. Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson, was ordered by the judge of the case to pay the defendants’ court costs in the outrageous case.

Our civil justice system is designed to protect the rights of all parties, defendants included, and the judge’s ruling in this case demonstrates how well the system works to weed-out frivolous lawsuits.

Anti-consumer groups like PRI and AVALA who are the labor behind the CEO-led takeover of the courts don’t like that the judge’s ruling in this case proves the civil justice system works for consumers who are in the right, no matter if they are bringing or defending a lawsuit. Will these same groups put as much energy and money in broadcasting the result as they did when the case was filed?

The overpaid CEOs of the billion-dollar corporations behind PRI, AVALA and other anti-consumer groups hate to see justice served, especially when it works against them. Is there a need for reform? Absolutely, it’s called corp(orate) reform, not tort reform.”

Bob Prince, President Alabama Association for Justice Tuscaloosa

Previously in the D.C. Metro Area Medical Malpractice Law Blog, we posted a “pants case” editorial by Richard Alderman, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of the Center for Consumer Law at the University of Houston Law Center.

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