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10/18/18   |   By

Is the E-Cigarette Trend Actually an Epidemic?

Cigarette smoking has seen huge declines in the last few decades, only to be replaced by an alarming alternative: e-cigarettes. Marketed as safer, these battery-operated devices allow users to inhale […]

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04/25/18   |   By

Thinking of Getting a Hoverboard for Your Child? Think Again…

Since hitting the market in 2015, the self-balancing scooters commonly called hoverboards have been seeing their reputation worsen almost by the day. Most of us have heard the reports of […]

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03/20/18   |   By

Medical Implant Devices and the FDA: User Beware? (part 2)

We previously discussed an ongoing public health concern where the FDA’s approval process for medical devices appears to be dangerously lacking—to the point that many devices get released to market […]

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03/19/18   |   By

Medical Implant Devices and the FDA: User Beware? (part 1)

When the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approves a medical device designed to improve your health, can you assume the device is safe? Not so fast, according to some […]

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12/08/16   |   By

Defective Medical Device News Roundup – December 2016

Defective Medical Device News Roundup – December 2016 – legal help in Washington DC for those injured in accidents.

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11/16/16   |   By

Shocking New Study Shines Light on Baby Stroller Accidents

A new study demonstrates that strollers and baby carriers present an injury risk to babies. Contact a DC injury attorney for more information.

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11/09/16   |   By

The Dangers of Artificial Hip Replacements

Our Washington, DC personal injury attorney explains some of the dangers associated with artificial hip replacements.

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10/11/16   |   By

What You Need to Know About the Samsung Note 7 Recall

If you purchased your Samsung Note 7 prior to September 15, stop using the phone. If you have been injured, contact a Washington DC personal injury lawyer at our firm.

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09/23/16   |   By

Playground Safety for Gen X Parents

Has your child been injured due to someone else’s wrongdoing? Schedule a free consultation with a Washington, DC personal injury attorney: (202) 463-3030.

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09/10/16   |   By

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Are Dangerous: Stop Using Them Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phone Dangerous: Stop Using Them Now – legal help in Washington DC for those injured in accidents.

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