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04/27/20   |   By

Nosocomial Infections and Coronavirus: What We Know Now — Part I

Even in the best of times, American hospitals posed huge risks for patients and their loved ones. Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that a whopping one […]

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04/24/20   |   By

Once the Coronavirus Lockdown Ends, How Should You Protect Vulnerable People in Your Home?

Daily life looks little like it did just a few months ago. Masks, toilet paper shortages, and Zoom happy hours are all central themes in this strange new world. As […]

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04/23/20   |   By

COVID-19: Impacts on Driving Behavior and Lessons

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted our lives in countless ways. It has also changed our behaviors.  The following are some observations and suggestions. Less Vehicles on the Road There are […]

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04/20/20   |   By

What Is the Actual Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for Covid-19?

The disease Covid-19—caused by the novel coronavirus—clearly can be deadly, especially for seniors and those who are immune-compromised or metabolically unwell. But how dangerous is it, precisely? Epidemiologists measure something […]

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04/17/20   |   By

Do Supplements to Prevent Coronavirus Work?

Debate rages over whether supplements can prevent infection from the novel coronavirus—or minimize the severity of infection when it comes. On the one hand, skeptics warn about the dangers of […]

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04/16/20   |   By

Can You “Boost Your Immunity” to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus?

With a novel pandemic raging—targeting the elderly and those with underlying health conditions as well as some young, healthy people—many people want to know what they can do to prepare […]

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04/14/20   |   By

Advocating for Yourself Or a Loved One If You Get the Coronavirus

While epidemiologists and politicians debate the best ways to address the pandemic on a societal level, individuals need guidance on how to handle personal emergencies. So much about the coronavirus […]

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04/13/20   |   By

Staying Safe at Home While Hospitals Are Overburdened

The coronavirus health crisis is testing our medical workers like nothing in recent memory. Many hospitals have put off doing any elective surgeries, and many facilities—particularly in hard hit areas […]

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04/09/20   |   By

Taking Care of Children While in Quarantine for the Pandemic

Parents of school-age children the country over have been struggling since the start of quarantine for coronavirus. How should you care for kids who can barely care for themselves—and who […]

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04/04/20   |   By

Protecting Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is stressing our society like no calamity has in our lifetimes. To prevent the virus from overwhelming our health care system, public health authorities across the nation […]

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