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06/04/20   |   By

Summer Travel During COVID-19

  Rising temperatures and re-openings are raising many questions about summer travel. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced millions of Americans to cancel vacations. As the country adjusts to the new […]

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06/03/20   |   By

Hitting the Road As Lockdown Ends: A Reminder about Defensive Driving

Irresponsible drivers abound even during the best of times. Unfortunately, road-based negligence is all but guaranteed to take over as quarantine restrictions begin to ease up. After over two months […]

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06/01/20   |   By

Coronavirus And Delayed Health Care Procedures

In an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus, many local stay-at-home orders call for limits on elective health care procedures. While some of these can realistically be put […]

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05/29/20   |   By

Visiting the Doctor During a Pandemic: Steps to Take to Avoid Nosocomial Illness

While recent stay-at-home orders have limited our ability to seek elective surgeries and other treatments deemed non-essential, it’s not always possible to avoid the doctor or the emergency room. A […]

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05/26/20   |   By

The Physical Risks of Economic Stressors: Part I

  Social distancing and quarantine efforts may be crucial to flattening the curve of the current pandemic, but these strategies hold real implications for the physical health of those asked […]

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05/14/20   |   By

Sweden’s Lack of Coronavirus Lockdown: How Has the Disease Progressed?

  Early responses to the COVID-19 pandemic varied dramatically from one country to the next. It now appears that many failed to act with appropriate urgency, thereby hastening the spread […]

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05/11/20   |   By

What Serological Tests Tell Us About the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus dominates today’s headlines, with many top stories delving into alarming delays or malfunctions for the tests we so desperately need. While many people believe that an early lack of […]

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05/08/20   |   By

Can You Be Reinfected From COVID-19 After You’ve Recovered? A Look at What the Science Tells Us So Far

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many people take comfort in the assumption that, should they become infected, they’ll at least enjoy immunity upon recovering. Unfortunately, the latest research […]

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05/05/20   |   By

Why Viral Load May Determine the Severity of COVID Infections — And How You Can Protect Yourself

If there’s one constant during this unprecedented pandemic, it’s that our understanding of the disease is always changing. Every day brings new hope that we’ll eventually succeed in flattening the […]

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05/01/20   |   By

Tips For Using Masks And Hand Sanitizer Safely — And How to Avoid Injury

  Hand sanitizer and face masks are all but impossible to find on store shelves these days, and for good reason: they represent two of the most vital tools available […]

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