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07/13/20   |   By

The Lancet’s Retracted COVID-19 Study And What It Says About Treating a New Disease: Part I

  As the research surrounding COVID-19 reveals new findings, even the most trusted scientific authorities are forced to occasionally walk back previous statements. Such was the case for the trusted […]

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07/09/20   |   By

The Scientific Debate Over Coronavirus: Part II

  As the science surrounding the coronavirus evolves, disagreements are sure to appear. While many of these have involved the concept of asymptomatic spread — as highlighted in the first […]

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07/06/20   |   By

The Scientific Debate Over Coronavirus: Part I

  There’s no denying the inherent frustration of our efforts to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Much of this stems from advice that seems to change on a daily […]

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07/02/20   |   By

Safety Tips to Celebrate July 4th Safely and Avoid COVID-19

  Phased reopenings across the country have led some to believe that the coronavirus is no longer a threat, but this is not the case. In fact, Los Angeles County […]

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07/01/20   |   By

Safety Tips For Virtual And Home-Based Summer Camps

  Summer camp once offered a wonderful respite for children and parents alike. All that has changed in an age of coronavirus, however. While some socially distanced day camps remain […]

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06/25/20   |   By

The Latest Science on How COVID Impacts Nursing Homes

  When the novel coronavirus first hit the United States, its impact was greatest in nursing homes throughout the nation. These remain the epicenter of some of the disease’s worst […]

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06/22/20   |   By

Post-Quarantine Fitness And Recreation: Is It Possible to Stay Safe?

As the economy begins to open, those with a serious case of cabin fever are eager to resume their usual fitness routines. In many regions, however, gyms and other recreational […]

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06/18/20   |   By

Tips For Staying Safe While Protesting

George Floyd’s death may have sparked nationwide protests, but the issues at the center of these gatherings are far from new. If you feel passionate about continued racial disparities and […]

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06/17/20   |   By

Quarantine Boredom and Childhood Injuries: How Can You Keep Your Kids Safe?

  Your kids are cooped up in the house during quarantine, and often, under minimal supervision as you struggle to focus on remote work. Netflix and video games will only […]

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06/15/20   |   By

Why Is Coronavirus So Dangerous In Nursing Homes? How Can You Protect Loved Ones?

When your parents, grandparents, or other family members enter long-term care facilities, you assume that they’ll be far safer there than at home. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has destroyed this […]

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