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06/14/19   |   By

Buying Used Tires Not Worth the Safety Risks

New sets of tires can be expensive, but purchasing used tires for their cost savings is not worth the risk. Although used tires are cheaper than new ones, opting to […]

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05/22/19   |   By

100 Deadliest Days for Driving Teens Begins Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of a season where rates of car crash-related deaths among teens tragically rise. Dubbed ‘the 100 deadliest days’ by AAA, the time from […]

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03/27/19   |   By

5 Ways to Stay Safe on D.C. Roads

Car accidents are common, and they can occur at any time of the year. Several factors are responsible for causing an increase in car accidents. Accidents may be caused by […]

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03/07/19   |   By

Staying Safe on the Highways for Parents

Safe driving is important in a world of traffic jams, work commutes and other drivers who do not respect the rules of the road. When we become parents, safe driving […]

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03/01/19   |   By

Here’s Why D.C. Traffic Fatalities Increased Dramatically During 2018

On a Wednesday night in December 2018, a tour bus driver hit and killed two people on Pennsylvania Avenue. The two victims were women visiting the city for the holidays, […]

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10/23/18   |   By

Are Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in the DC Area?

Pedestrians in the DC area are advised to become extra vigilant as they are walking along the streets of our communities. Local crashes are leaving a string of victims, many […]

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07/27/18   |   By

Does the Color of Your Car Affect How Safe It Is on the Road?

How does car color affect road safety? At first blush, the question may seem trivial. If you’re worried about accident prevention, isn’t it more important to focus on problems like […]

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06/08/18   |   By

Autonomous Car Crashes: What Causes Them?

Some would say it was bound to happen eventually. In March, the ridesharing platform Uber made the news in spectacular fashion when one of its self-driving prototype vehicles struck and […]

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03/14/18   |   By

How to Stay Safe on St. Paddy’s Day 2018

Parades, leprechaun hats, green clothes—and green beer. On or around March 17, some 60 percent of Americans will don the Irish green to celebrate what has become the 2nd most […]

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03/13/18   |   By

Report: Drowsy Driving Causes up to 10 Percent of All Road Accidents

We have discussed drowsy driving here several times before now, but a recent report sheds light on how widespread this problem has become. As USA Today reports, a recent study […]

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