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How to Find Out About Drug or Medical Device Recalls

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Manufacturers and government agencies sometimes recall drugs and medical devices because of minor irregularities, such as labeling errors or small defects that don’t pose a threat to public health. However, occasionally, recalls of such products are due to serious problems that can put lives at risk. You can find out about these scary product recalls through the methods below.


Two websites offer an easy way to keep apprised of the latest recalls. The Food and Drug Administration recall page lists recalls made in the last 60 days. also offers a quick way of checking to see whether the authorities have found significant problems with any of the medications and medical products you use.

Alternative Methods

  • Both government sites permit people to sign up to receive email notifications of recalls. You can customize your alerts to include either drugs or medical devices.
  • Alternatively, you can download drug safety podcasts from the FDA download page.
  • The FDA’s twitter feed provides an additional means of receiving recall updates.

What Are Common Reasons Behind Drug or Medical Device Recalls?

The medical community doesn’t always know the full magnitude and spectrum of adverse reactions of medications until these drugs and products have been on the market for some time. Likewise, the likelihood that a medical device will malfunction or lead to pain, injuries or bad side effects may not be apparent until many patients have used it.

While statins, the popular cholesterol-lowering drugs, haven’t been recalled, many medical analysts argue that this class of medications offers a cautionary tale. Researchers and doctors alike may have woefully underestimated the scope and scale of side effects associated with them. For more information, see New Study Sheds Light on Frightening Reality of Statin Intolerance.

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