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The Surprising Dangers of Humidity — And How You Can Combat Them

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Summer has arrived, and with it, that oppressive humidity we all dread. Humidity isn’t merely uncomfortable, however; it can also be downright dangerous. Hence the oft-repeated phrase, “It’s not the heat — it’s the humidity.” Read on to learn why humidity is so dangerous and what you can do to keep safe this summer:

How Humidity Impacts the Body’s Heat Regulation

The human body has the remarkable ability to cool itself down via sweat and evaporation. In an ideal situation, a person dealing with excessive heat would allow that heat to escape through the skin. As sweat evaporates, it draws away heat, thereby returning the body to its natural balance. In times of high humidity, however, this evaporation is thwarted, making it that much more difficult to find relief. The slower sweat evaporates, the harder the body must work to cool itself down. Over time, this can lead to severe dehydration.

Keeping Safe in High Humidity: Best Practices

If you leave this blog with just one takeaway, let it be this: when humidity strikes, water is essential. The potential for dehydration becomes that much stronger in humid conditions, but much of the damage can be avoided simply by upping your water intake accordingly. Likewise, avoid dehydrating substances such as caffeine and alcohol. Take breaks from the heat as often as possible, moving to an air-conditioned spot if available or at least to a shady area. Gradual exposure to heat is ideal when available, as your body’s ability to handle humidity may improve over time.

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