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The NFL Players Association and other advocacy groups are raising awareness regarding traumatic brain injuries and concussions. Many players are subjected to forces far beyond natural human tolerance, and they receive head injuries that can ruin their lives. Dozens of these injuries, however, continue to go unreported.

Players fear coming forward about their injuries because of cultural norms, such as the expectation that NFL football players should play through pain no matter how severe. Also, social stigmas against appearing weak or uncommitted cause players to be secretive about their injuries. On top of this, players are contractually obligated to only consult team doctors, who sometimes downplay injuries.

Some retired athletes are speaking out about the long-term effects of untreated NFL related traumatic brain injuries. This tactic has garnered national media attention and led to a higher level of public scrutiny. Major media organs, such as PBS’ Frontline and The Denver Post, have extensively covered this issue, revealing the severity and prevalence of the problem in the NFL and beyond.

How can you prevent concussions from causing long-term damage? Follow these tips when you or a loved one participates in sports where impact is likely:

  1. See a third party doctor if possible. Many players report feeling more comfortable speaking to their own private doctors.
  2.  Be open with your physician. No doctor can treat a patient who is not forthcoming. Remember: a lifetime of proper brain functioning is on the line.
  3. Seek help if you face discrimination. Schools and sports associations should not discriminate based on illness; doing so is illegal, and it could be the basis of a lawsuit.
  4. Never play through injuries that result in dizziness or distorted vision. Encourage teammates and loved ones to immediately report injuries.
  5. Foster a compassionate culture by rewarding players for reporting injuries. Many athletes sacrifice their health for playtime, which violates basic human rights.

Nobody should tolerate suffering and abuse in athletics. Report incidents of underreported injuries to school officials, or seek legal representation.

Please get in touch with our Washington D.C. brain injury attorneys today to explore how you can obtain fair compensation and justice in your potential case.

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