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Surprising Memorial Day Weekend Dangers (And How to Handle Them)

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As families throughout the country prepare for Memorial Day weekend fun, many people worry about the season’s most obvious dangers. Even if you’ve packed the first aid kit, slathered on the sunscreen, and parked a new fire extinguisher within reach of the barbecue, you may have overlooked some “hidden” dangers that surprise far too many during the holiday weekend.

Here’s how to take a second look at hidden risks and handle them:

  • Car Safety: Yes, It’s Warm Enough to Get Hurt

Millions of Americans take to the roads during the Memorial Day weekend, making the period one of the most dangerous weekends of the year for accidents. Dangers lurk even when your car is parked, however! In most parts of the country, there will be enough sunshine to raise the interior of your car to dangerous temperatures, even if the outside air is cool. Avoid serious harm by never leaving a living thing – whether human or animal – inside the car while it is parked.

  • Going to an Amusement Park? Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of amusement parks around the country. However, the risk of accidents at these parks will be higher than usual during this time. Why? Many employees are new for the summer, and they will still be learning the ropes. Stay aware of your surroundings, and if any condition makes you uncomfortable, report it to park management.

  • Double-Check the Pool Before You Get In

Many families open their pools for Memorial Day weekend. Often, they do so in a rush: the holiday sneaks up, and they unveil the pool only a day or two before a big event or party. In this hurried state, cracks, tears in the liner, malfunctioning pumps, and other problems can be overlooked. Take time to scrutinize your pool for slip and fall hazards, algae and other hazards before you or your children use it or invite neighbors or friends for a swim.

Finally, before hopping into your Jeep to go on midnight beach drives with your friends during Memorial Day weekend, take a minute to read this sobering piece:Safety Advocacy Group Calls on U.S. Regulators to Reopen Jeep Probe.

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