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Summer Travel During COVID-19

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Rising temperatures and re-openings are raising many questions about summer travel. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced millions of Americans to cancel vacations. As the country adjusts to the new normal, it seems like summer vacation could still be possible.

A new trend called “COVID camper” has become popular in recent weeks. There has been a spike in Recreational Vehicle rentals, with some companies reporting 10 times more rentals this year than last. Traveling in an RV seems appealing because it eliminates the need for airline travel and hotel lodging. It could also mean more time outdoors, and less time inside with other people.

However, the Central for Disease Control still maintains that the best way to slow the spread of COVID is to stay home. It is still unknown how the pandemic will unravel this summer. Some studies have been conducted on the effects of temperature on COVID, but scientists still do not have enough evidence to determine whether higher temperatures and humidity will influence the spread of the virus.

If you do decide to travel, the CDC still recommends that you practice social distancing guidelines. Continue to wash your hands often, avoid close contact with others, and wear a cloth face covering. While traveling in an RV you may still be at risk of close contact with others while buying gas and supplies, and while staying at an RV park or campsite. Before you hit the road, make sure to exercise your best judgment and to always follow state and local travel restrictions.

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