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Staying Safe While Playing Summer Sports in the Heat

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Every year, hundreds of Americans die due to prolonged heat exposure. Summer heat can be particularly deadly for active types who will stop at little to get on the field. Read on to learn how you and your loved ones can continue to enjoy your favorite summer sports while staying safe:


Hydration is critical not only during practices and games, but also leading up to physical activity. If you know that hotter-than-average weather is about to strike during game day, begin drinking more water than you would on an average day.

Gradually Prepare For Heat

Perhaps practices and games don’t commence until midway through the summer. As you prepare for a new season, begin exercising in the heat for fifteen minutes or half an hour at a time. Work your way up until you’re prepared for the rigors of summer sports.

Be Aware of Storms

While thunderstorms can strike at nearly any time, they’re particularly likely in hot, muggy weather. Be observant not only of forecasts, but also the visual signs of an oncoming storm — pop-ups can occur seemingly out of nowhere, so you can’t always rely on the weather report.

Know When to Quit

Thunderstorms aren’t the only sign that you should hold off on physical activity. Know the signs of heat exhaustion, and monitor yourself (and others around you) to ensure you back off before it’s too late. Warning signs include:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Dark urine, indicating dehydration

If you suspect that you’re at risk for heat exhaustion, sit out. If possible, find a source of air conditioning. Drink plenty of water and use wet towels or ice to cool off if available. Don’t be pressured into returning to physical activity if you feel ill.

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