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Safety Tips for Reintroducing a Nanny Into Your Life After Quarantine

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As quarantine draws to a close, you may need to return to work or otherwise spend more time outside of the home — and away from your children. Now, you face a difficult decision: how to secure quality childcare while you’re away.

In many cases, the best approach involves a trustworthy nanny. This option is by no means risk-free, but it can limit your children’s exposure to other youngsters. Implement these tips to keep your children and nanny safe.

Consider a Live-In Nanny

Live-in care may be expensive, but it also can dramatically reduce the risk of infection for all parties involved. This option may be more enticing these days given lingering concerns over rent and evictions, as well as the reduced extent to which nannies can partake in typical social activities.

Set Guidelines for Excursions Outside the Home

The ability to occasionally leave the house will make life a lot easier for your nanny. Strict rules are necessary, however — especially if your children struggle to understand or follow social distancing guidelines. Consider limiting your children to outdoor settings, such as local parks.

Implement Measures To Keep Nannies Safe

Research suggests that your nanny may be far more at risk than your kids due to age. For this reason, it’s crucial that you take extra precautions to keep caretakers safe.

Social distancing will work better for older kids, but even young children can be taught to keep their distance if necessary. Other options include wearing masks and having your children and nanny spend the majority of their time outside. Use disinfectant to keep surfaces clean — and encourage your kids to wash their hands or apply sanitizer on a regular basis.


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