ClickCease Tips for Parents Who Are Fatigued From Taking Care of a Newborn
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Safety Tips for Parents Who Are Fatigued From Taking Care of a Newborn

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When parents bring home a newborn, they think they are prepared for the disrupted sleep schedules, hypervigilance, and all-around fatigue – but they frequently report being surprised at just how exhausting it is to meet the new baby’s needs.

Since fatigue increases the risk of injury or accident for nearly all human activities, here are four ways to reduce your risks and manage your fatigue, courtesy of the Mayo Clinic.

  1. Put yourself on a healthy routine.

Don’t let caffeine substitute for sleep or junk food for a healthy diet. Sleep when the baby sleeps, and stock your kitchen with quick healthy options – full of healthy fats and protein and a minimum of refined carbs and sugar – so you aren’t tempted to grab a soda or candy bar, instead.

  1. Limit what you schedule.

Instead, spend your time “going with the flow” and following your baby’s cues regarding nursing, naps, and crying spells. When you need to be somewhere, leave lots of extra time to pack supplies.

  1. Create visiting rules.

Family, friends, and loved ones will be excited, curious, and eager to see you and the baby. Let them know which days work best and how long you have for visits. Find family or friends you trust to watch the baby while you get some needed rest. Make sure everyone washes hands before holding the baby to prevent or minimize your little one’s exposure to germs.

  1. Relax your housecleaning standards.

As long as your house does not pose a health or safety hazard, it’s okay to let some things go. Store clean clothes in the laundry basket until you need them. Use baby wipes to give the counters a once-over. Be willing to serve easy foods like cereal, toast, or boxed dinners, so you can save your energy for the baby, as long as you’re getting enough healthy vegetables, fats and protein in your diet.

Finally, as much as you need to lean on your children’s doctors to make good decisions, be aware of the High Rates of Misdiagnosis Among Pediatricians.

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