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Post-Quarantine Fitness And Recreation: Is It Possible to Stay Safe?

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As the economy begins to open, those with a serious case of cabin fever are eager to resume their usual fitness routines. In many regions, however, gyms and other recreational facilities have been among the last places to become accessible to the public. Even as they open, they remain among the most hazardous locations. After all, ample research indicates that the coronavirus spreads more easily through heavy breathing and exertion.

Despite the hazards posed by the gym, it’s still possible to exercise safely. Keep the following considerations in mind as you level up your fitness routine:

Stay Safe at the Gym

You may be excited to get back in the squat rack or in front of those dumbbells, but don’t just assume you can pick up right where you left off. Ease into your workout regimen, using lighter weights than you relied on pre-quarantine. Once you’ve gained a better idea as to what your body can handle, feel free to add more weight and reps.

Be sure to use proper social distancing habits while working out around other gym patrons. Don’t forget to sanitize equipment before and after use.

Exercise Outside

When possible, opt for outdoor workouts that allow you to remain at least six feet away from others. Hiking, biking, and running are wonderful options. Some multi-person sports such as tennis or badminton may also present a reasonably low risk. In general, fewer participants are better. If possible, find ways to minimize contact. This might mean adjusting the rules or playing sports with fewer athletes than usual.


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