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Playground Safety for Gen X Parents

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As a parent, you have probably wished countless times that an owner’s manual came with your child. Many situations can arise that make a mom or dad uncertain about how to respond wisely, and the wildly contradictory “expert advice” that bombards parents can be a maddening aggravation in its own right. Here are some sticky problems you may encounter on a playground.

How to Handle It When Another Child Acts Aggressive With Your Child

The aggression may come in different forms, such as pushing, taunting or grabbing a toy. First of all, act to protect your child (or other children who are in harm’s way) in a way that’s assertive but also respectful. If the aggressive child’s parent or guardian is nearby, ask for help, and recruit that person to be on your side. A little humor and understanding goes a long way towards resolving the mini-crises that can blow up on a play structure.

If your child feels upset, put your arm around her, and let her cry until she becomes calm. Listen to her, and don’t rush her as she expresses her distress. Her tears will facilitate healing, and your sympathy will make her feel safe.

How to Guard Your Child on a Play Structure Without Hovering

Serious injuries can occur on a playground; however, you may wonder how to protect your child without being a helicopter parent. Before play begins, inspect the area for possible hazards. The equipment needs to lie over a soft surface, such as sand or rubber mats. In addition, it shouldn’t have sharp edges or openings that are between 3 ½ and 9 inches. Finally, the activities and equipment should be age-appropriate. If your inspection doesn’t reveal major problems, then watch your child play from a suitable distance.

How to Keep an Eye on Your Child Without Driving Yourself Crazy with Worry

Let’s face it: worry comes with the parenting territory. Moreover, you have good reason for concern in today’s world. Before you allow your child to go to a playground or play area with another child, make sure they’ll be in the company of an adult who you trust implicitly. Take prudent measures to keep your child safe, but then try to relax, knowing you’ve done all that can be done. Practice mindfulness, and learn about the actual dangers of playground play (as opposed to the perceived dangers), so you can be vigilant in a productive, proportional way.

For more playground safety tips, see Playground Safety Tips for Summer 2009.

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