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Once the Coronavirus Lockdown Ends, How Should You Protect Vulnerable People in Your Home?

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Daily life looks little like it did just a few months ago. Masks, toilet paper shortages, and Zoom happy hours are all central themes in this strange new world.

As hard as it is to believe, however, the COVID-19 crisis won’t last forever. It’s impossible to know when, but we eventually will be allowed to venture back into the real world. When that time comes, we’ll be tempted to go all-out with the activities we were once forced to avoid. Unfortunately, public pursuits will be far from risk-free. For now, it’s safest to plan a careful return to everyday life, complete with the following precautions:

Limit Public Outings

You’ll no doubt be excited to take on public life once restrictions are lifted. Where you go, however, will greatly depend on whether crowd levels impact your ability to social distance. The occasional restaurant visit may be acceptable, but crowded bars and other venues should be avoided far into the future.

Continue to Wear Your Mask

South Korea and China have already loosened restrictions, but with one major caveat: most people still wear masks. This simple accessory makes it possible to travel freely without risking the spread of infected droplets. The sooner your mask becomes an essential element of your wardrobe, the better.

Keep Washing Hands

Hand-washing should extend beyond coronavirus protection. If you take anything away from this experience, let it be the need to lather up following human contact. Continue to wash for at least twenty seconds — or use hand sanitizer when you’re out and about.

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