ClickCease Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Eggo Waffles Recalled for Listeria
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Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Eggo Waffles Recalled for Listeria Monocytogenes

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Posted by Salvatore J. Zambri, founding member and partner.

A breakfast staple for many families, 10,000 cases of Eggo waffles are being recalled by the Kellogg Company due to discovery of Listeria monocytogenes. The recalled product, Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat waffles, was distributed to 25 states, including our local area of Maryland and Virginia.

There are no reported illnesses to date from the contaminated food. According to the alert posted by the Kellogg Company, “the recall is a result of routine tests that the company conducts which identified the potential for contamination. As soon as the company learned of a potential concern, it moved quickly to identify any foods that might be impacted and resolve the issue.”

The Kellogg Company is calling on consumers who purchased an affected product to discard it and reach out to the company for a full refund. Consumers can call (800) 962-1413, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT or by visiting them online.

Listeria is prevalent among hot dogs and ready-to-eat deli meats and as well as unpasteurized milk and dairy products. Unlike other germs, it can grow even in cold refrigerators. The incubation period ranges from 3-70 days and can present the following symptoms: vomiting, fever, weakness, confusion, and stiff neck, sometimes preceded by diarrhea.

According to, to prevent listeria, consumers should follow these safety practices:

  • Avoid drinking unpasteurized milk or consuming foods that contain unpasteurized milk as an ingredient
  • Rinse raw produce thoroughly under running water before eating
  • Wash cutting boards, countertops, hands, and utensils after preparing uncooked foods
  • Thoroughly cook animal products until it reaches a safe internal temperature
  • Ensure that uncooked poultry, meats, and seafood are kept separate from cooked foods, ready-to-eat foods, fruits, and vegetables
  • Consume ready-to-eat and perishable foods as soon as possible
  • Individuals with compromised immune systems should heat deli meats, hot dogs, and cold cuts before eating them.

Tainted food can cause very serious injuries, even death. I have extensive experience assisting clients who have suffered from food poisoning in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and throughout the country. Other law firms routinely refer food poisoning cases to me.

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