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Loved One Hospitalized for an Infection? Here’s How You Can Ensure Their Good Care

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From surgical sites to the urinary tract, a variety of infections can result in hospitalization. If a loved one is stuck in the hospital due to infection, it’s your job as friend or family member to provide unwavering support. Keep the following in mind as you help your loved one through this difficult ordeal:

No Physical Contact

Do your part to prevent the spread of infection. It’s tempting to hug or kiss loved ones, but this could cause further suffering not only for the two of you, but also for countless others. Don’t visit if you show any signs of illness — and encourage others to demonstrate similar restraint.

Minimize Non-Essential Visits

Well-wishers can bring emotional relief to frustrated or lonely patients, but a flood of visitors may prompt anxiety or even spread the infection. Visits should be limited to very close friends and immediate family members. Other loved ones may express concern, however. Keep them updated with regular emails or social media progress reports. Encourage loved ones to send cards or get well messages via social media.

Take Notes Or Record the Physician

Don’t expect an infected patient to pay close attention to the doctor’s feedback. Be on hand to take detailed notes on his or her behalf. Consider downloading a note-taking application on your phone or tablet. Audio and video recordings may also prove helpful. In addition to helping patients with their recovery efforts, these notes could be invaluable in the event of a medical malpractice claim.

If your loved one has suffered medical complications due to poor care in the hospital, it’s up to you to fight back. Our Washington, D.C. medical malpractice attorneys can help you obtain compensation, so reach out today.


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