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Keeping Moms Healthy: Tips and Tricks for Mothers of All Ages

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From childbirth to graduation and beyond, moms face a myriad of health issues. Often, these concerns go undetected or untreated. But while many mothers regard their children’s health and safety as their number one concern, self-care is equally essential. Below, we highlight a few tips and tricks that can keep moms healthy in all stages of life:

Keep Visiting Your Doctor

While the bulk of your doctor visits may involve childhood scrapes or illnesses, regular checkups are just as important for parents. How often you visit will depend on your age and current health status. Experts at Duke Health recommend visits every two to five years for those under the age of 30. Between 30 and 40, experts advise checking in every other year. As you continue to age, you may require annual checkups.

Make Quality Sleep a Priority

Sleep deprivation is a way of life for moms of newborns. Disruptions may be less severe as your kids grow, but bright-eyed toddlers and late night teenage shenanigans can also wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. Still, quality sleep is possible. If you have a newborn or toddler, sleep when your child sleeps. Don’t be afraid to outsource any tasks that keep you awake at night. Set a clear curfew to minimize disruptions from older children and teenagers.

Don’t Forget About Mental Health

From post-partum depression to adolescent parenting stress, moms may suffer mental health issues throughout their parenting trajectory. Thankfully, the stigma is finally starting to disappear. Therapy can be a key tool for busy moms, and should be regarded as no different or less essential than typical medical checkups. Other key mental health initiatives include joining support groups and carving out time to de-stress with relaxing activities.

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