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How to Select Summer Camps for Your Children

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Summer camps offer opportunities for children to acquire new skills while having the time of their lives. They also provide a setting where kids can make new friends and develop socially, becoming comfortable in a community outside of their home. The experience can be invaluable. Here are some tips in selecting a camp suitable for your child.

  • For safety reasons, recommends doing a background check on any camps you are considering to see if they have a high standard of accreditation.
  • Research how long the camps have been in operation, since having a lengthy history gives an indication of trustworthiness. In addition, don’t hesitate to do a criminal records search on the staff and to ask for references. For more information, see Sexual Abuse at Summer Camp: What Can Parents Do?
  • The cost of camps varies widely; find one that fits your budget. Ask if the fees include everything or if the camp charges extra for certain activities.
  • Pick a camp appropriate to the age, temperament and interests of your child. Young or introverted children might feel more secure going to a day camp rather than one involving overnight stays. Some kids like camps that provide a variety of activities, while others prefer those that focus on one area. The American Camp Association advises allowing your child to be a part of the decision-making process after you narrow your options to a few that you feel are good contenders.

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