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Can You Be Reinfected From COVID-19 After You’ve Recovered? A Look at What the Science Tells Us So Far

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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many people take comfort in the assumption that, should they become infected, they’ll at least enjoy immunity upon recovering. Unfortunately, the latest research paints a less optimistic picture. Already, several patients who initially appeared to have recovered have demonstrated signs of reinfection.

Why Are Former COVID-19 Patients Testing Positive?

The earliest indicators of reinfection trouble appeared in South Korea. Until recently, the nation’s impressive response to the pandemic generated considerable hope for both physical and economic recovery. All that changed when the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 163 supposedly recovered patients tested positive. Similar issues are beginning to appear in China, prompting fears of a second outbreak.

Signs of Hope — And the Continued Need for Caution

The recent prevalence of positive tests may be alarming, but panic isn’t warranted just yet. With only 2.1 percent of patients retesting as positive thus far, the rate of reinfection remains low. What’s more, no evidence currently indicates that recovered individuals who test positive are contagious. While 44 percent of such patients show mild symptoms, many remain asymptomatic.

It’s still too soon to know what role, exactly, immunity and reinfection will play in the COVID-19 pandemic. For now, it’s best to remain cautious. When in doubt, continue to social distance — even if you’ve already recovered. The last thing we need right now is yet another wave of illness. Your continued efforts may briefly extend the quarantine, but will ultimately increase our chances of achieving a full and permanent recovery.

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