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5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe on Vacation | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

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Going on a family vacation represents a time-honored tradition, resulting in a lifetime of happy memories to cherish. Taking one or more children along for the ride – whether in a car, plane, or cruise – means exponentially more fun for parents, along with more work.

Kids of all ages often engage in potentially dangerous activities in new places, where they may feel unfettered and free from normal safety considerations. While enjoying fun activities, parents should remain aware of their children’s whereabouts and actions and take preventative measures against potentially hazardous situations.5 Ways for Parents to Protect Kids on VacationWhether the family embarks on a long car trip, visits an amusement park, or sets out on a sailing adventure, risks to life and limb could abound. Here are some key risk reduction practices:1.    Car safety. Buckle seat belts, reduce driver distractions, obtain adequate sleep, maintain low speeds, and take frequent breaks to reduce the potential for collisions.

2.    Monitoring swimming. Whether you’re visiting a pool, lake, or ocean, an adult should always monitor young swimmers. Pay attention to swimmer’s advisories regarding riptides or undertow, and use flotation devices for kids who haven’t yet mastered their stroke.3.    Boating precautions. From canoes to yachts to cruises, boats are a popular component of many vacations. Keep children safe by outfitting them in life jackets, and advise them to stay away from the edge of the boat in choppy water. At least one adult on a boat should possess CPR training in case of water inhalation incidents.4.    Public supervision. To ensure kids don’t get lost (or end up in the wrong hands), keep them close by your side at all times and accompany them to restrooms.

5.    Ride safety. At amusement parks, adhere to height-to-ride guidelines and ensure operators affix safety restraints properly before the ride begins.

Keeping children safe on vacation may present addition challenges, but the result can be a joyous and memorable occasion for everyone involved.

If the actions of others caused injury during a vacation, contact a Washington, D.C. injury lawyer to discuss your potential legal case.

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