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What is Justice for an Injured Person?

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After an accident, victims and their families may be able to recover through a personal injury lawsuit. A verdict or settlement can compensate you for expenses like medical bills, specialized equipment and other material losses.  However, no amount of money can undo a serious injury or wrongful death. In this video, attorney Patrick Regan discusses what it means to get justice for an injured person.
We live in an adversarial system. And in this sense, it’s a good thing because parties on both sides have allegations and contentions, and they’re real and they’re important. We go up against each other. I represent people. And I only represent people. And so, when I’m going up against a large corporation. Or pharmaceutical company. Or even another person. That lawyer for the other side is going to be advocating against me. You need someone in there who can be a true soldier for justice. And if you’re not, if you don’t have the stomach for it, you don’t have the competence for it. You don’t have the patience for it. You don’t have the commitment. And the loyalty. And the integrity that it takes to dig in and litigate for somebody. Then you’re not meant to be a trial lawyer. So, I represent people who go through things that are almost unspeakable. My job actually is to give a voice, to put words, to put meaning to these enormously difficult events. Where people die and suffer catastrophic injuries. Can there be justice? Sure, and not so much. On the one hand, you can never bring a life back. And there is no replacement for a loss of life. There’s no there’s no replacement for a lost leg. Let alone the lost life. My job though, is to bring hope and to bring some semblance of peace. That the future can not only be lived by the survivors, but can be maybe lived well. That’s an enormous privilege that I have in representing people. It is not something I take lightly. And again, it’s why I think what I do is so unique. And something that I cherish. For a free consultation, to speak to me or anyone at our law firm, please contact us here at Regan, Zambri & Long at (202) 463-3030.

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