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Statewide Program in Virginia to Improve Teen Driving Safety

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Youth of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safety and Virginia State Police have launched a competitive program to improve teen driving safety. The “Arrive Alive” program began on March 19 and will run through May 4. Arrive Alive is being offered to schools and youth organizations throughout the state. As part of the program, students at participating Virginia schools will compete by developing social media campaigns that encourage safe driving. The program’s goal is to help teenagers develop safe driving and passenger behaviors.

Spring and summer are the deadliest time of year for teenager drivers. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has even described the summer months as the “100 deadliest days for teenager drivers.” Arrive Alive will focus on teaching teen drivers about the increased risk of crashing during these months. In addition, the program will teach teens about driving risks during prom and graduation.

Can Parents Help Their Children Develop Safe Driving Habits?

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the National Safety Council (NSC) have published several tips for parents of teenagers who recently started driving.

  1. Create a “safe-driving” agreement. You can create a formal driving agreement, which establishes punishments for breaking certain rules. Apps and devices like Cellcontrol can help monitor mobile phone usage to help you determine whether the rules are being broken.
  2. Driving more with your children. You could practice safe driving habits with your teenager. Teaching by example could help your teenager learn how to drive safely.
  3. Talking to your children about dangerous driving habits. AAA also recommends having a conversation with your children about unsafe driving habits, such as speeding, text messaging or not wearing a seatbelt.

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