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Skateboard Safety Statistics Parents of Teenagers Should Know

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Teenagers may consider skateboarding harmless fun, but safety statistics relating to the sport prove otherwise. A lack of awareness of the dangers can have dire consequences. The discussion below provides some sobering statistics as well as safety guidelines.

Injury and Death Statistics

The Hospital for Special Surgery reports that nearly 75,000 skateboarding injuries occurred in the United States in 2009; that number represents a 25 percent spike in skateboarding incidents since 2004. The sport frequently causes wrist and shin fractures that require splinting and casting. Head injuries, some of which can be life-threatening, are also common. According to the 2011 USA Skateboarding Fatality Report, the sport was responsible for 42 deaths that year.

Safety Guidelines

  1. Wear protective equipment. This includes helmets, wrist guards and shoes along with knee and elbow pads.
  2. Don’t attempt stunts and tricks that are beyond your ability.
  3. Skateboard in professionally designed areas to avoid collisions with motor vehicles and pedestrians.
  4. Don’t put more than one person on a skateboard.
  5. Your skating surface should be dry and smooth. It shouldn’t have any cracks or debris, such as sticks and rocks.
  6. Before starting your session, warm up and stretch your legs, back, and ankles.
  7. Learn to fall in such a way that minimizes injury. If you feel a fall coming, crouch down to be closer to the ground. Instead of breaking the fall with your arms and hands, try to roll.

Working teens who sustain skateboard injuries can suffer from the loss of wages. For more information, see Surprising Economic Impact of Skateboarding Injuries: New Study.

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